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The Ashtamangala Prasnam revealed that the benevolent Goddess Annapoornesvari, one of the three deities of Srithrukkulasekharapuram temple at Annakara is the Dharmadaivam’ of the Ullanat family. There was a Vishnu temple in a place called Kokkur and when this temple was destroyed, probably during the invasion of Tippu Sultan, the idol of the Lord was carried and brought by the then Karanavar of Ullanat Tharavad and installed in this temple complex.  The Ashtamangala Prasnam revealed that this Lord, known as Kokkur Srikrishnan is also very special to the Ullanat family.Originally this temple of Goddess Annapoornesvari at Annakara was under the control of Ullanat family, but now it is a temple under the management of Hindu Religious & Endowment Council (Malabar), Kozhikode. 
There was a huge banyan tree said to be more than 300 years old in front of this temple and the base platform, constructed in red stone, had the name of Ullanat Kunjayamma (40) – mother of Raman Mootha Panicker, being the one . who donated for the construction.  A few years ago this tree fell down and the base has also been removed.  The entrance gate and a portion of the temple were recently renovated by Mr.P.B.Menon, son of Raghava Panicker (71).