Athit Bhavanam

Athit Bhavanam


The original family house of Ullanat Tharavad is located at Venkitangu and name given for this Bhavanam (House) is Athit.  It is a very old house renovated and new buildings added regularly over a period of time.  Originally, when the family was not as large as it became in the later years, the Karanavars (Mootha Panickers) also used to stay in this building only. Later on it became the residence of the women of the Tharavad.  So all the descendants had their birth in this house only and this is known as the Tharavad House.  The plan of the house complex before partition was more or less like this:


The oldest block is the Naalukettu. The Karanavar, Kunhittinan Mootha Panicker (46), constructed the Pathayapura and the Puthenpura was constructed by his successor Kochukrishnan Mootha Panicker (53).

Puthenpura had 15 rooms altogether in two floors all with attached urinal rooms. It has three floors and the second floor has no separate rooms.  The oldNalukettu was known as Akayi.  When entered through Padippura first comes the Poomukham or veranda. And when entered through this veranda, the area around the Nadumuttam was the dining area.  There were no dining tables in those days.  There is a huge well attached to the kitchen and water could be drawn from inside the kitchen.  The portion called Vadakke kettu, on the western side of the kitchen was used for private cooking, if any member wanted.  There were separate cooking facilities for each Thavazhi. On the western side of the Nalukettu there were 3 rooms in the ground floor and 3 in the first floor.  The middle room in the ground floor was called as Padinjatti.  No one used to live here or use the room.  In the month of Karkitaka (July-August) Sreebhagavathi worship was done here (known as Sreebhagavathikku vaikkal).

Pathayappura had altogether 6 rooms, 3 in the ground floor and 3 in the upstairs.  Padippura had on the northern side one bedroom with entrance from its southern side. There was a passage on the southern side and on its southern side was the granary or the storeroom (Kalavara). The Padippura gate was on the eastern side.  On the first floor of the Padippura there was a veranda, a hall and a bedroom.

The house pond had three ghats.  There were separate dressing rooms (Kulappura) for the ghats of men and women.

The Namboothiri Brahmins or Kshatriya men who married women from Ullanat family had their food prepared in the separate building called Matam.  There was a Tamil Brahmin family for their cooking.