The origin of Ullanat Tharavad is certainly many centuries old as could be inferred from the writings of some scholars on history of Kerala. According to the family tradition it is believed that some groups had also branched out a few centuries ago. Varikkassery, Chembazha, Uthiyampura and Puzhuvakkolath are some of those families. The earliest member known to us is Kunjiamma, who was the grandmother of the illustrious Ikkanta Panicker Kariakkar. She had two daughters and the lineage continued through her first daughter since the second one did not have issues. Historic evidences have confirmed the period of Ikkanta Panicker and therefore Kunjiamma's period should be approximately AD 1700 to 1750 (ME 875-925). And from this period till date we have Ullanat family tree without any break in the link, consisting of names of all the members belonging to 13 generations. Not many families in Kerala possess in tact such a long genealogical list.

There are 7 lists altogether. The first one is that of Kunjiamma's, showing how the Thavazhis separated. The next 6 lists are pertaining to the 6 Thavazhis.

Up to 5 generations after Kunjiamma there was only one Thavazhi. After that there became five Thavazhis of Kunjayamma (40), Pappi Amma (41), Paru Amma (42), Nani Amma (44) and Ichukutti Amma (45) who were all sisters. Later Pappi Amma's Thavazhi got terminated since she did not have any grand daughters. Two Thavazhis each branched out from the grand daughters of Nani Amma and lchukutti Amma. Thus it became 6 Thavazhis.

Following the matrilineal path the names of members of Ullanat Tharavad are shown in rectangular boxes and others in oval boxes. The name of the spouse is also given wherever available in italics and within brackets below the name of the member. Also separate colour has been given for each generation uniformly in all Thavazhis so that members of the same generation can be identified.

Since the family has very widely spread and branched out now and since collecting the names of new generation members has become extremely difficult, no names of the latest members are being added now.