The original family house of Ullanat Tharavad is located at Venkitangu and name given for this Bhavanam (House) is Athit.It is a very old house, portionsrenovated and new buildings added regularly over a period of time. Originally, when the family was not as large as it became in the later years, the Karanavars (Mootha Panickers) alsoused to stay in this building only.


The Ullanat Tharavad had extensive lands, but most of the lands were given on lease.  It is said that the family was collecting about 60,000 Paras of paddy every year as Pattam, which means  that the  extent  of  landed. property was enormous.  More than 70% of the then Ponnani Taluk was owned by Ullanat family and there was a saying that no one could cross Ponnani Taluk without stepping on the land of Ullanat Panicker! 



Attempting to narrate the history of Ullanat family in terms of exact periodic details and accuracy is an extremely difficult task. Family history documentation is generally based on traditions, information passed from earlier generations to the subsequent generations and available information from the existing senior members of the family. History in that case may miss authenticity and may inherently contain the loopholes of contrasting conclusions and opinions. Same limitations may be found in this attempt also.

Unfortunately information about the members of the early five Thavazhis of Ullanat Tharavad is not available and the present eldest members of the family have already started forgetting whatever information they had gathered from their earlier generation. But still it is a matter of consolation that we do have some historic records about the Ullanat Panickers and what I have presented here to a greater extent is something derived and generated out of my direct search and also based on the information I had gathered when I was young from my mother, late Ullanat Saraswathy Amma (132)* and grand uncle late Ullanat Balakrishna Panicker (76).

The preparation of the Genealogy would not have been possible but for the support and information given by the following senior members of the family;

Ullanat Leelavathi Amma (156) – (Present Moothamma).
Ullanat Madhava Panicker (141) – (Present Karanavar).
Ullanat Bhaskara Panicker (164)
Ullanat Krishnanunni Panicker (158)
Ullanat Janardhana Panicker (121)
Ullanat Radha Amma (150) and
Puthiyedath Bhaskara Menon (71a)

I owe my gratitude to these elders.

So… our Tharavad has finally reached the cyber space. I present this web site with the hope that this may enable the present day generation of this family, scattered around the country and also the future generations, to know each other and to get inspired from the history of this great aristocratic Nair family which flourished for a long time with nobility, affluence, glory and honour.


U.R.Giridharan (191)
 [Email id:]
16th May, 2006.
(Edavam 2, 1181)

(*The number given within the brackets indicates the number in the genealogy so that the position of the person concerned in the family tree can be easily identified.)